Control and Risks Committee

The Control and Risks Committee, currently composed of 5 non-executive and majority independent Directors, has the task of supporting - with appropriate auditing activities - the assessments and decisions of the Board of Directors pertaining to the internal control and risk management system as well as those relating to the approval of periodical financial and non-financial reports.

The functions and duties of the Committee are illustrated and regulated by specific Rules of Procedure approved by the Board of Directors, lastly updated in March and December 2021.

The specific tasks of the Committee include, among other things: the assessment, after hearing the CFO, regarding the correctness of the process for preparing interim financial and non-financial reporting so that it is suitable to correctly represent the Company's business model and strategies, as well as the impact of its activities and the performance achieved; the exam (in agreement with the Sustainability and Innovation Committee) of the content of Leonardo's interim non-financial reporting insofar as it is relevant to the internal control and risk management system; the analysis, with reference to the issues of its relevant competence, of the matters that are relevant to Leonardo for the long-term value generation. 

The Committee is also entrusted with monitoring the autonomy, compliance, efficacy and efficiency of the Group Internal Audit department; the Committee monitors the latter's activities if the Chairman of the Board is delegated operating powers.

The Committee also acts as “Committee for Related Parties Transactions”, in compliance with the provisions of the specific Procedure adopted by the Board of Directors.

Updated May 2023


Members of Control and Risks Committee
Silvia STEFINI (Chairman, independent)
Trifone ALTIERI (independent)
Dominique LEVY (independent)
Cristina MANARA (independent)
Marcello SALA