Poland: Strategic Partner of the Polish Ministry of National Defence

We are a strategic partner of the Polish Ministry of National Defence with about 160 helicopters currently in service in the Polish Armed Forces. We also delivered the M-346 advanced trainers to the Air Force. Since 2019 we have created Leonardo Poland to strengthen our growing commitment to the country and its security.

Helicopter Hub of Excellence

Helicopter Hub of Excellence

In 2010 we invested into Polish company PZL - Świdnik S.A., the only national player in the development and manufacturing of helicopters, with more than 60 years of experience and over 7,400 helicopters produced for more than 40 countries. Today about 2600 employees are working in PZL Swidnik.


Established in January 2019 as part of Leonardo International Spa, Leonardo Poland sp. z o.o. represents Leonardo's commitment to Poland, with the aim of developing relationships with all main stakeholders and supporting its Divisions and companies to strengthen their presence on the Polish market. Leonardo Poland is able to offer a team of experts in the areas dedicated to business development, marketing, research and intelligence, institutional and political affairs, military relations and public procurement.

Where we are


Leonardo Poland sp. z o.o.

Leonardo Poland represents all the business sectors of the company.


Marco Lupo, President of Leonardo Poland 

Leonardo Poland sp. z o.o.
Plac Trzech Krzyży 10/14
00-499 – Warsaw – Poland
Contact Person: Marco Lupo
Phone: (+48) 81 722 5700
E-mail: marco.lupo@leonardo.com


PZL Świdnik

The Świdnik production site is able to manage the entire production cycle of a helicopter, from the design to the construction of fundamental components, integration, final assembly and delivery, in addition to post-sales support. PZL Swidnik is today a centre of excellence for the aerostructure manufacturing in the rotary wing sector.


PZL Świdnik
Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego “PZL-Świdnik”
Aleja Lotników Polskich 1
21-045 – Świdnik – Poland
Phone: (+48) 81 722 50 00 / 81 446 80 00
Fax: (+48) 81 722 60 07 / 81 468 09 19
E-mail: swidnik.AW@leonardo.com

Our solutions

M-346 AJT (Advanced Jet Trainer)

With a fleet of 16 aircraft, which will be completed by 2022, Poland becomes the second largest export customer of Leonardo's advanced M-346 AJT trainer. The collaboration also includes the Ground Based Training System, spare parts, support equipment and training services. The M-346FA, the Fighter Attack variant, could be the perfect solution to replace the well proven Su-22s fighter-bombers and complement the fleet of frontline fighters.



Security in Space

We contribute to the security of the nation through the use of data from COSMO-SkyMed satellites, with radar systems for air defence and coastal surveillance systems. In this regard, we also delivered ground infrastructure used by Polish MOD for COSMO-SkyMed  data processing.

30 mm turrets

We have a longstanding collaboration with PGZ for the supply of the 30 mm Hitfist turret to the Polish Army. Several hundreds of these turrets are already mounted on Rosomak armoured personal carriers.

AW101 helicopters

Selected to equip the Polish Navy with Anti-submarine Warfare and CSAR capabilities, the AW101 is the most advanced and capable helicopter available today in the 16 tonne class and features a large cabin, over 1,300 km range, high cruise speed, all weather operating capability, high reliability and safety. The versatility of the AW101 platform permits customers to configure the helicopter for a wide range of primary and secondary roles.

76/62 mm naval gun

ORP Ślązak offshore patrol vessel equipped with 76/62 mm Super Rapid Oto Melara naval gun is an example of Leonardo longstanding cooperation with Polish Navy and trust given to our artillery products.


MU-90 torpedoes

Utilized by Polish Navy frigates and helicopters of naval air component, MU-90 advanced lightweight torpedoes are among the most modern anti-submarine armament being used in several nations in the World.

Long range surveillance

We are delighted for being able to deliver 3 RAT-31DL long range air surveillance radars to Poland under the umbrella NATO Security Investment Programme. This event was a crucial mark in the process of building Polish air defence system.