To share an industrial and technological heritage while contributing to the progress of civil society and the communities where our production sites are located and to stimulate the exchange between different realities on a geo-economic and socio-cultural level. These are the missions of the Foundations created by Leonardo over the years, aimed at developing the link between culture and industry and encourage a form of technological humanism.

Leonardo Foundation

The Leonardo Foundation was set up in November 2018 to promote industrial culture and training and encourage the growth of industrial communities, support the use of dual technologies at the service of civil society and leverage its archival museum that collects 70 years of industrial activity.

The mission of the Leonardo Foundation

A NEW DIGITAL HUMANISM, meaning leading-edge technologies used for the common good, is one of the primary objectives of the Leonardo Foundation. Multidisciplinarity and the dialogue between scientific, technical and humanistic subjects have become fundamental to ensuring a sustainable future.

CULTURE, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, to promote the enhancement of the historical and technological heritage of Leonardo, and  contribute to harness the potential of human capital through education.

TERRITORIAL ATTRACTIVENESS, through knowledge and training to support the socio-economic growth of the communities where we operate building an industrial awareness of what these locations can offer.

Civiltà delle Macchine Magazine

Founded as Finmeccanica’s official house organ back in January 1953, “Civiltà delle Macchine” (“Machine Civilisation”) will once again be brought  to life, with the same intent it had then: to encourage dialogue between humanistic and scientific knowledge in order to support a constructive comparison of the impacts on society of digital transformation.

Ansaldo foundation

Founded by Finmeccanica (now Leonardo), the Municipality of Genoa, the Metropolitan City of Genoa and the Liguria Region, the Ansaldo Foundation is an institution dedicated to enhancing economic, business and labour culture.

While recognising that a synergic relationship between civil growth and economic development leads to increased competitiveness and an improved quality of life for local communities. the Ansaldo Foundation has selected to be the link between the world of culture and the world of business; this is a role that can only be successful if supported by partnerships, consensus and the involvement of all social components.

The Foundation is deeply rooted in the territory of the Liguria Region, and is recognised as an important part of the rich network of cultural institutions actively promoting knowledge and participation.

The Foundation is a non-profit institution that fosters studies and research, cultural and educational events, and is committed to protecting and leveraging the archival legacy produced by industries and other economic players.

Med-Or Foundation

Created by Leonardo in the spring of 2021, the Med-Or Foundation is a crossroads between Italy and countries in the Med-Or area, which span the Mediterranean, the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, as well as the Near and Far East.

In an increasingly competitive and interconnected world, crossed with rapid and constant changes, the Med-Or Foundation intends to position itself as a central actor, with its primary objective to foster cooperation and dialogue. It will contribute decisively to addressing the challenges related to defining new international geopolitical balances.

Through projects, events, studies and research, the Foundation wants to promote public-private partnerships, stimulate the exchange between different realities on a geo-economic and socio-cultural level and create synergies between the world of industry and the academic world. Through shared programmes, the Med-Or Foundation supports innovation, research and scientific training in strategic sectors, including security, aerospace and defence.

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