A history of Italian ingenuity and technology

Since 1948, Leonardo has been the protagonist of Italian industrial history. Today we are one of the top ten global players in the aerospace, defence and security industry, a chosen long-term partner for Governments, Institutions and private clients, and we offer state-of-the-art technology.

A strategic asset for Italy’s growth

A strategic asset for Italy’s growth

With over 31,000 employees in Italy and 70 facilities, 38 of which are manufacturing plants, we are present in 15 Italian regions, with a particularly high industrial concentration in Lombardy, Lazio, Campania, Piedmonte, Puglia, Liguria and Tuscany.

Where we are



Helicopter Division

Cascina Costa

Headquarter of Helicopter Division and centre of excellence for gearbox development and production (Helicopter Division Centre of Excellence Transmissions and Mechanical Parts), avionic Integration and experimental flight line. 

Via Giovanni Agusta, 520
21017 Cascina Costa di Samarate (VA) – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111


Sesto Calende

The "A. Marchetti" Training Academy is located in Sesto Calende and offers a complete range of training courses for pilots and technicians.

Via Indipendenza, 2
0332 Varese – Italy

T: +39 0331 915011 



Vergiate plays a critical role in Helicopter Division's manufacturing operations, being home to final assembly lines for some helicopter models (AW109, AW169, AW139 e AW189). Aircrafts exit the assembly line for the near flight line, where they undergo preparations for delivers and the customer acceptance.

Via Roma, 51
21019 Vergiate (VA) – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111


Aircraft Division

Venegono Superiore

We develop and produce the training aircraft M345 and M346.

Via Ing. Paolo Foresio, 1
21040 Venegono Superiore (VA) – Italy
T: +39 0331 813111


Electronics Division 


We design and develop small caliber naval weapons and airborne weapons.

Via Lunga, 2
25126 Brescia – Italy
T: +39 030 37911



We design and develop airborne radar and computers, space equipment.

Viale Europa s.n.c.
Nerviano (MI) – Italy
T: +39 0331 587330



Gera Lario 
Telespazio - Centro Spaziale Lario
Loc. Pian di Spagna
I-22050 Gera Lario (CO) – Italy  

T: +39 0344 93111




Aircraft Division

Caselle Nord (Torino)

At Caselle Nord and Caselle Sud we produce and develop  Eurofighter military aircraft.The Torino plant is also the location of the final assembly line of full aircraft destined to the Italian Air Force and export customers.

Strada Privata (Aeroporto Caselle)
10077 S. Maurizio Canavese (TO) – Italy
T: +39 011 9960233
F: +39 011 9960285


Caselle Sud

Strada del Malanghero
10072 Caselle Torinese (TO) – Italy
T: +39 011 9960080



Italian and Dutch F-35s will be assembled at Cameri. Moreover, Cameri will later become the European and Mediterranean F-35 support center.
S.S. Bellinzago C/O Aeroporto Militare – Italy


Divisione Elettronica 

Caselle Nord (Torino)

We design and develop airborne mission systems and airborne computers.

Strada Privata (Aeroporto di Caselle)
10077 S. Maurizio Canavese (TO) – Italy
T: +39 011 99671

Friuli Venezia Giulia


Electronics Division

Ronchi dei Legionari

We design and develop tactical UAS and target drones, simulation systems.

Via Mario Stoppani, 21
34077 Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) – Italy
T: +39 0481 478111



Electronics Division 

La Spezia

We are specialized in production of all calibre land vehicle turrets, naval guns medium and large calibre, guided ammunition and launchers.

Via Valdilocchi, 15
19136 La Spezia – Italy
T: +39 01875811


Cyber Security Division


At Genoa site we develop and produce automation systems and military communication systems.

Via Giacomo Puccini, 2
16154 Genoa – Italy
T: +39 010 6582.1



Helicopter Division

Tessera (Venezia)

Tessera hosts the NH90 final assembly line, flight line, testing activities as well as the final acceptance of all NH90 manufactured by Helicopter Division.

Via Triestina, 214
30173 Tessera (VE) – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111



Electronics Division 


Here the design and construction of highly technological underwater systems takes place.

Via di Levante, 48
57124 Livorno – Italy
T: +39 0586 840111


Firenze, Campi Bisenzio

We develop and produce military electro-optical systems, space sensors, professional communication systems.

Via Albert Einstein, 35
50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) – Italy
T: +39 055 89501



Leonardo Spa


Headquarter Leonardo company

Piazza Monte Grappa n. 4
00195 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06.324731


Helicopter Division


This facility is at the heart of Helicopter Division rotor blade and composite structures production. (Blades and Composites Centre of Excellence).

Località Paduni
03012 Anagni (FR) – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111



Centre of expertise and support for the Helicopter Division Centre of Excellence Transmissions and Mechanical Parts, as well as for the Leonardo Helicopters Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

Via Giovanni Agusta
03100 Frosinone – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111


Electronics Division 


We develop and produce military communication systems, avionics systems, aircraft logistics support.

Via dell’Industria, 4
00040 Pomezia (RM) – Italy
T: +39 06 918531



At Latina  site we develop and produce military communication systems.

Strada Statale 148 Pontina Km 62

04100 Latina – Italy
T: +39 06 918531


Rome Tiburtina

Specialised in the design, development and testing of land and naval radars, this site also has the GaAs /GaN Foundry.

Via Tiburtina km 12,400
00131 Rome – Italy
T: +39 06 41501


Cyber Security Division

Rome Laurentina

Design and development of critical infrastructure protection, cyber security and complex information networks for central and local governments.

Via Laurentina, 760
00143 Rome – Italy
T: +39 06 50271



Rome Tiburtina

Telespazio Spa
 Via Tiburtina, 965
00156  Rome – Italy
T: +39 06 40791



Electronics Division 


Design and development of IFF systems.

Via Gian Domenico Cassini, 4 – 67100 L’Aquila


Cyber Security Division

Chieti Scalo

The Security Operation Centre (SOC) continuously working to protect crucial Italian and international infrastructure, pinpointing, in real time, possible cyber threats and attacks.

Via E. Mattei, 21
Chieti – Italy



Ortucchio (AQ)

The Fucino Space Centre carries out in-orbit satellite control and telecommunications, television and multimedia services.

Telespazio - Centro Spaziale Fucino 
Strada 31 Fucino snc 67050 - Ortucchio (AQ)
T: +39 0863 550239/550240



Helicopter Division


Benevento Centre of Excellence core business is the production of complex medium and large scale aluminium and magnesium castings.

Contrada Ponte Valentino S.S.90 bis
82100 Benevento – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111


Aerostructures Division


With highly specialized employees and high level of integration and industrial automation, we produce aerostructures for various programs also with international partners. 

Zona ASI - Località Bosco Fangone
80035 Nola (Naples) – Italy
T: +39 081 3154080


Pomigliano d'Arco

At this production site, assembly work is carried out on primary aerostructures and complete fuselages, including systems.

Viale dell’Aeronautica
80038 Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples) – Italy
T: +39 081 8871111


Electronics Division 


Production  of radar and comms components, microelectronics, customer support.

Circum.ne Esterna di Napoli
80014 Giugliano in Campania (NA) – Italy
T: +39 081 8180111


Bacoli (Fusaro)

We develop and produce 2D, 3D and AESA radar for military and air traffic control applications, testing and integration.

Via Giulio Cesare, 105
80070 Bacoli (NA) – Italy
T: +39 081 5272111




Telespazio - Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA)
Via Luis Bleriot, 82
80144 Napoli (NA) – Italy



Helicopter Division


Brindisi Aerostructures Centre of Excellence encompass activities such as structural assembly, metal to metal bonding, sheet metal work, and heat and galvanic treatments.

Contrada Santa Teresa Pinti
72100 Brindisi – Italy
T: +39 0331 229111


Aerostructure Division


We produce  composite vertical fins for commercial aircraft.

Zona ASI- Località Incoronata
71122 Foggia – Italy
T: +39 0881 817726


Grottaglie (Taranto)

We are specialized in manufacture of large aerostructures for commercial aircraft.

Strada Provinciale, 83
74023 Grottaglie (TA) 
T: +39 099 5631284


Electronics Division 


Design and development of command and control systems for naval and airborne applications.

Viale del Lavoro, 101 
74123 Taranto – Italy
T: +39 099 4701 111



Cyber Security Division

Lamezia Terme
Via Loriedo, 6
88046 Lamezia Terme (CZ) – Italy



Electronics Division 


We produce microwave power solutions for defence and aerospace applications.

Via Villagrazia, 79 
90125 Palermo – Italy
T: +39 091 7322911



Cyber Security Division


Via Giovanni Palatucci, 1  
07100 Sassari – Italy
T: +39 079 2598600




Telespazio - Centro Spaziale Matera
Contrada Terlecchie
75100 Matera
T: +39 0835 375 1
F: +39 0835 375 422

Our activities


We have been building helicopters since the 1950s and today we have the most comprehensive range for commercial, utility, security and defence applications. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters, and we cover all the main weight categories, from the 1.8-tonne single-engine to the 16-tonne three-engine. In addition to managing the entire life cycle of a helicopter system, our Academy provides full training courses in Italy in a dedicated facility.


Our skills in information management and the advanced technologies of our sensors allow us to play a prominent role in Italy in the areas of command and control and mission systems as well as in the development of net-centric and digitised networks. Leaders in the field of electronically scanned multifunction radar,  airborne IRST sensors, in IFF systems for land, sea and airborne applications and in software-defined communication, the systems developed in Italy are integrated in over 2,500 platforms for more than 50 customers around the world.


At our Italian plants we design, develop and manufacture training, defence and tactical transport aircraft, multi-role aircraft for special missions, participating in some of the most advanced international programmes. We also offer logistics support and a fully integrated training system from ground based training to basic and advanced training. In Italy we produce aerostructures for important European and North American aeronautical programmes and we are leaders in the machining of large structural components in composite materials, including the “one piece barrel” fuselage section.

Cyber & Security

We are a key player in the security arena, developing services and solutions to protect and respond to the most advanced and persistent cyber-attacks. At our Chieti site, our Security Operations Centre operates around the clock and boasts one of the most powerful supercomputers. We provide fixed and mobile control rooms, sensors, interoperable professional communications networks for urban security, critical infrastructure and major events protection, disaster relief and emergency management.


We are a top player in Space with a long and consolidated history dating back to the sixties.  We design and develop a complete range of solutions in our Italian facilities, ranging from the manufacture of satellites and orbiting structures to the development and management of ground systems, satellite operations and services and the production of a wide range of high-tech instruments, subsystems and sensors. Space related productions made in Italy are present in all the most important programmes promoted by international institutions and agencies.