Turkey: a longstanding commercial and industrial presence

Leonardo is present in Turkey through programs in all its sectors of competence. In this specific scenario, the group is committed to maintaining and strengthening this position more and more through a greater commercial and industrial presence with local partnerships capable to target the domestic and international market.

We create and implement advanced solutions by means local industry cooperation

We create and implement advanced solutions by means local industry cooperation

Through a permanent presence in the country, Leonardo operates to provide a single commercial interface for the different areas of businesses with the aim to partnership with Turkish stakeholders.

Where we are


Our office in Ankara is committed to reinforce our local ties and promote cooperation with Turkish industries for domestic and international opportunities.


Leonardo Ankara Liaison Office
Koc Kuleleri.Sogutozu Mah.Sogutozu Cad.
Ofis No:46   06510 Cankaya Ankara-Turkiye
T: +90 312 248 12 00
E: info.ankara@leonardo.com


Our industrial presence dates back to the 80s and provides a wide range of solutions, equipment, systems, integration and logistic support services in the field of emergency, strategic, tactical, naval and airborne communications, avionics lighting equipment and control panels for air/land platforms.


Leonardo Turkey Havacılık, Savunma ve Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş. 

Karaoğlan Mah. Ankara Cad. No:225   
06830 - Gölbaşı, Ankara
Tel: +90 312 4845181
Fax: +90 312 4844332
E-mail: info@leonardo.com.tr

Website: leonardocompany.com.tr

Main projects highlights

T129 ATAK: a success story

Advanced multi-role combat helicopter based on the Leonardo AW129, developed in Turkey by Turkish Aerospace Industries for the national and international markets. The helicopter business is a model of successful cooperation between Leonardo and the Turkish industries.


Space programme based on the manufacturing and launch of a high-resolution optical satellite for Earth observation, of a ground segment and a local centre for satellite integration and testing, in addition to in orbit operation support. The project has been developed by Telespazio, as prime contractor, and Thales Alenia Space, as satellite manufacturer for the Turkish Ministry of Defence. 

VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management System)

The VTMS provides an integrated and comprehensive view of maritime traffic in Turkish territorial waters. The system is deployed in Izmit, Mersin and Izmir with an integrated central command and control located in Ankara to provide a complete picture of vessels traffic along the Turkish coasts.


Meltem III is a Maritime Patrol Aircraft ATR-72 with Anti Submarine Warfare, Maritime Utilities for the Turkish Navy. An high technology program in cooperation with TAI performing all the modification activities in the country.


Systematic Modernisation of ATM Resources Turkey (SMART) is a nationwide Air Traffic Control system deployed in Ankara, with a backup in Istanbul, that supports air traffic management operations in 200 Turkish airspace sectors located in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ercan, Dalaman and Bodrum. This innovative and unique system in the world managed by DHMI connects more than 20 remote control towers encompassing over 600 ATC-related workstations managing more than 1000 active flight plans at the same time.


Air defence 3D radars RAT-31D has been supplied to the Turkish Air Force through the NATO alliance, and the Precision Approach Radar SPN720 is delivered to the Navy for accurate landing on board of the ship

Naval guns

Long – lasting and significant relationship established with the Turkish Navy, operating medium and small caliber gun systems for over 30 years in addition to the Turkish Coast Guard. As of today a number of up to 30 76/62 Compact naval guns, and up to 35 40/70 naval guns are in service in both Customers and 6 30mm MFCS naval guns are equipping the Turkish Navy minehunters.