According to Information Security Policies and the Ethical Code, Leonardo S.p.a. considers the protection of corporate information assets a key and prior element to achieve company’s objectives.
Information security represents a strategic and considerable element whose relevance become more evident when computer and security technologies are integral part in the market's offer.
In this scenario, Leonardo S.p.a is always committed in meeting the needs from stakeholders, customers and industrial partners, through processes and information management, to ensure information confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 
Our company is committed in constantly verifying the level of information security reached, comparing ourself with the most advanced international standards, obtaining and maintain the relative certifications. 
Leonardo’s Cyber & Information Security guards company’s technological infrastructure, supplying the following services: incident management, threat intelligence, cyber resilience, classified systems governance, delivering essential support to the business units, allow to pursuit them objectives through a connection between Divisions and Corporate. Cyber Security services are verified by a governance structure whose ensure its compliance to the quality and processes standards.


Cyber Defence (LDO-CERT)

Leonardo’s Cyber Defence ensures to the referring constituency and to the stakeholder Security Operation Centers (SOC) functions to detect threats about confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, and the Cyber Emergency Readiness Team (LDO-CERT) for the response to the security and information incidents as described into the attached constitutive act.
Cyber Defence ensures digital forensic readiness within cyber security managed operations, accomplish to the mission of preventing, locate and mitigate the information security impact from a cyber threat. Cyber Defence delivers the following services:
Cyber Threat Intelligence: with the duty to find (threat hunting) and analyse (digital forensic and malware analysis) information to define potentially cyber threats relevant to the Company;
Cyber Incident Response: with the duty to identify, manage and notify to the involved structures security and information incidents.
Inside Leonardo Cyber Defence there are also CERT Labs, with the duty of supplying advanced analysis solutions, developing supporting technologies for Cyber Threat Intel and Incident Management process.





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Cyber Defense

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