Argentina: present in the country for 25 years

We integrate products and services with high technological content to meet market needs. We are the preferred partner of numerous governments, institutions and private clients. In addition to advanced solutions and services, we offer permanent customer support.

Innovative solutions for civilian and government markets

Innovative solutions for civilian and government markets

The fact that government bodies are choosing the new generation of AW169 helicopters is further proof that Leonardo's high-quality, advanced technological solutions are quite competitive. These solutions are designed to meet the current and future needs of the Argentine government, particularly as regards security.

Where we are

Buenos Aires

We have an advanced network of commercial, administrative and engineering infrastructures in addition to an exceptional satellite telecommunications port, Teleport, with a complete Data Center and a modern cartographic production centre through our subsidiary, Telespazio.


Mario Palma/Nicolás de Gracia

Avenida Juan B. Justo n° 837, Piso 3°
(C1425FSC) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina
T: + 54 11 4852 8700
F: +54 11 4852 8725


Main products in the country

Plate recognition

As an overview of our operational services, we provide public security solutions that integrate video surveillance, plate identification, access control, anti-intrusion devices, information security and multi-technology communication network protection for voice, video and data.

Satellite Services

We operate in the Earth Observation and Environment Management sectors developing networks to integrate modern satellite infrastructures with innovative ground systems.


We have just installed a new communications network called TETRA, which covers the greater Buenos Aires area (more than 202 sq. km and 13 million inhabitants).

Air Traffic Management

We supply integrated systems that guarantee and increase airport security, incorporating the highest international standards.

Public Transport surveillance

We ensure vehicle security for urban transport in Buenos Aires through video surveillance cameras that have been installed on buses and are linked to a control centre that monitors the bus fleet in real time.