Customer Support, Services & Training

Customer Support, Services & Training (CSS&T) ensures operational continuity and training 24/7, worldwide. CSS&T provides turnkey services, designed and delivered to enable operators to manage every type of mission.

Simulation systems and Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) learning environments represent the most advanced technology for training pilots, technicians and maintainers.


of 2020 revenues from CSS&T activities


countries globally call on Leonardo’s CSS&T expertise


in the survey conducted by Professional Pilot magazine on support for helicopter operators


countries with Leonardo CSS&T capabilities on site

Training and simulation

Leonardo is an international leader in civil and military training services for pilots, maintainers and operators, thanks to a structured network of Training Academies, digital platforms and dedicated services. Leonardo's training capability uses proprietary methods, simulation systems and Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) learning environments, as well as comprehensive classroom- and computer-based training programmes.

Technical and logistics services

With its sophisticated global support network, Leonardo ensures technical and logistics services 24/7, wherever and whenever required. Support is provided in the field and remotely through Aircraft on Ground (AOG) centres and e-commerce activities to satisfy the needs of military and civil customers. Support encompasses site management, in-service data acquisition, installation and development, through to configuration and obsolescence management, info-logistics services and technical publications.

Maintenance and support

Leonardo ensures the operation of products and systems, whether proprietary or otherwise, through maintenance centres worldwide, both at its own facilities and at those of civil and military customers. Leonardo offers both frontline operational support and heavy maintenance/warehouse activities at its plants and, due in part to the introduction of 4.0 technologies, manages any kind of platform and system upgrade, from Mid-Life to Long Term Evolution, and from product support engineering to onsite renovation and disassembly.

Full Service

Leonardo provides high-value turnkey solutions in all business areas, using and managing its resources, systems, equipment and expertise, while greatly reducing the level of risk and investment for the customer.


of 2020 revenues from Customer Support, Services & Training

> 2,800

people employed in Customer Support, Services & Training worldwide

> 10,000

professionals trained every year


people involved in the ‘Data Driven Mindset’ course aimed at improving data management