Saudi Arabia

We deliver technological solutions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from our broad portfolio of capabilities, ranging from VIP helicopters to Islamic banking infrastructure systems.

Partners for more than 4 decades

Partners for more than 4 decades

We have an increasing focus on localising capability and using the Saudi supply-base to help diversify the economy and support Vision 2030.

Where we are


Our representative office and 100% owned subsidiary is based in Riyadh, we also have branch offices dedicated to the banking sector and our helicopter operations in Riyadh as well as staff deployed to military bases across the Kingdom and within Aramco in the Eastern Province.


Leonardo Saudi Ltd
Building A4, Floor 8
Granada Business Park
Riyadh 11423
PO Box 9743
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
T: +966 11 5117400 (Office Reception)
Fax: +966 (0) 11 511 7404

Our solutions

VIP helicopters

We have delivered VIP helicopters for the Royal Flight. We are also the main supplier to the helicopter fleet of Aramco, the largest oil & gas company in the world. The AW139 is the market-leading intermediate twin-engined helicopter, ideally suited to demanding offshore missions, with superior speed, range and single engine capability together with excellent handling characteristics.

Eurofighter Typhoon

It is operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force and has been ordered by eight other air forces. The aircraft stems from a collaborative project between Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain with Leonardo having an industrial share of 36% including, structures, a final assembly line, avionics, sensors and electronic warfare. 

Electronic systems for military aircraft

For over 40 years Leonardo has provided the avionics, communications and key mission systems such as the radars, seekers and electronic warfare suites for the Typhoon and Tornado aircraft operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force. Many of our sub-systems on these aircraft are maintained within Saudi Arabia after we successfully implemented a technology transfer programme to our local partners. 

Air Surveillance

We are leader in ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) solutions. We offer Remotely Piloted Air Systems for airborne surveillance to the Royal Saudi Air Force, also providing operations assistance, training and maintenance.

Communications systems

Our heritage in sophisticated communications supply in KSA is demonstrated by the breadth of civil and military communications solutions we have delivered to Saudi Arabia in the past 40 years, ranging from Tetra solutions for civil, oil & gas and airport requirements through to soldier radios for tactical use up to strategic communications solutions such as the troposcatter and satcom systems used by the National Guard. 

Air Traffic control

We help ensure the safe, fast and efficient flow of air traffic, the security of people and goods, and the effective exchange of information between operators in both the civil and military domains.

Civil infrastructure solutions

We deliver safety & security in different contexts: major events, airports and ports, urban security and territory control. Our security platform and secure communications framework integrates different sensors and systems to provide a complete situation awareness.

Naval Systems

We have the capability to provide naval forces with qualified and fast information superiority, situational awareness, C2 capability, weapon systems management and network communications.


We have sensors on board the main Earth Observation, Navigation and Space science missions such as COSMO-SkyMed, MetOp, METEOSAT Second Generation, Galileo, Rosetta and ExoMars.