Supplier register

The company’s supplier register manages qualification processes through different stages, according to Leonardo’s procedures.

This is how supplier qualification process works:

  • Prospective candidacy: This involves the inclusion in a list of potential suppliers which may be invited to participate in negotiations with Leonardo. After submitting a prospective candidacy form, the potential supplier will be asked to respond to a questionnaire covering the specific merchandise categories offered. Leonardo may periodically request an update.
  • Pre-qualification: Becoming a pre-qualified supplier is an essential step to participate in negotiations with Leonardo. This process assesses ethical and legal requirements (including anti-bribery measures, ownership structure/final beneficiaries, etc.) reputation and economic-financial requirements. If these requirements are not met and/or the risks emerging during the pre-qualification process cannot be mitigated, the candidate will not become a Leonardo supplier.
  • Qualification: Suppliers must be qualified by a Leonardo Division or Group Company before any contract can be signed or a purchase order issued. This process involves assessment of the supplier’s ability to meet technical, organizational and production requirements, and the qualification process is overseen by Divisional Procurement Departments and/or Quality Systems.

Requirements for supplier pre-qualification are checked every two years, or whenever significant changes may occur. If the requirements are no longer met, the supplier’s pre-qualification will be revoked.

Vendor Management process is supervised by Leonardo Group Internal Audit, which conducts annual audits, checking compliance with procedures as part of its annual Audit Plan. Leonardo updates and reviews the related procedures periodically, considering the results of completed audits.

Terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services

All potential suppliers presenting a prospective candidacy will be asked to specify the category or categories of goods and services their business supplies.

It is possible to view the entire Leonardo material groups list in order to help suppliers selecting the most appropriate category of goods and services

For assistance using prospective candidacy and supplier qualification tools, contact Leonardo’s helpdesk service through the following channels:

  • email
  • telephone +39 06 45481405 (also valid for international calls) available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm