The Company’s Board of Directors proceeded on May 23, 2023 to appoint the members of the following internal Committees, also provided in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, with preliminary, propositive and consultative functions  to support the activity of the administrative body in the areas of their respective competence: the Control and Risks Committee (which also acts as Committee for Related Parties Transactions), the Remuneration Committee, the Nomination and Governance Committee and the Sustainability and Innovation Committee.

The composition, tasks and operation of the Committees are illustrated and governed by their respective Rules of Procedure lastly updated in March and December 2021 by the Leonardo’s Board of Directors in order to further bring them in line with the specific provisions of the aforementioned Code, while also formally adopting the related guidelines.

For more details about composition, functions and activities performed by each Committee, please also refer to the information provided on an annual basis in the Report on Corporate Governance and Shareholder Structure.

Updated May 2023