Sustainability and Innovation Committee

The Sustainability and Innovation Committee is currently composed of 5 non-executive and majority independent Directors.

The functions and duties of the Committee are illustrated and regulated by specific Rules of Procedure approved by the Board of Directors, lastly updated in March and December 2021.

The specific tasks of the Committee include, among other things: to verify (in concert with the Control and Risks Committee) the pursuit of the objectives of the Sustainability Plan, to promote the dynamics of interaction with all stakeholders (stakeholder engagement), the examination of the general layout of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (in agreement with the Control and Risks Committee as far as relevant for the purposes of the internal control and risk management system).

The Committee is also entrusted with the task of supporting the Company in identifying technologies and capabilities that can support Leonardo's business areas, in assessing the consistency between the technological capacity and the Leonardo Business Plan, as well as in the creation of academic and research networks both nationally and internationally; the Committee is also responsible for the analysis, with reference to the issues of its relevant competence, of the matters that are relevant to Leonardo for the long-term value generation.

Updated May 2023


Members of Sustainability and Innovation Committee
Cristina MANARA (Chairman, independent)
Giancarlo GHISLANZONI (independent)
Francesco MACRÌ (independent)
Marcello SALA
Steven Duncan WOOD (independent)