Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors

The Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors govern the role, organization and methods of operation of the Board, as well as the main organizational aspects of Leonardo’s corporate governance model, in line with the principles and guidelines set out in the Corporate Governance Code, which the Company complies with. 

The Leonardo’s Governance model is subject to subsequent updates in order to ensure alignment on an ongoing basis and the highest level of compliance with respect to the contents of the Code in force for the time being, adopting the recommendations given from time to time which are incorporated in these Rules, together with the changes that have occurred in the Company’s organisational structure.

In particular, Leonardo’s Board of Directors has promptly updated the aforesaid Rules of Procedure, as well as the Rules of the Board Committees, in order to bring them more specifically in line with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code (that issuers have been asked to apply from the 2021 financial year), while also adopting formally the related guidelines.

The text of the Corporate Governance Code is available to the public on the website of the Corporate Governance Committee (