The role of Leonardo’s Academies in promoting professional training and the creation of external ecosystems

24 February 2023

The company’s commitment in the key area of skills and education for promoting the growth and competitiveness of the business is the focus of an in-depth article on the Leonardo Academies published in the Italian daily, Il Sole 24 Ore.

Leonardo’s Academies are among its most important tools promoting professional training in the current situation, driven by the digital transformation and the need to train new professionals.

In this context, reports Leonardo’s Chief People & Organization Officer Antonio Liotti in an exhaustive article published in Il Sole 24 Ore: “Professional training has a key role to play, because it touches on two strictly interconnected aspects: the need to evolve toward a model appropriate for high-potential young people in order to attract talent and, at the same time, the need to adopt continuing education tools for internal resources. To achieve this goal, it is indispensable to plan the company’s long-term evolution, planning training initiatives through the creation of ecosystems open to contributions from the outside”.

Leonardo’s Academies are institutions, open to education within the company and beyond, supporting the company’s competitiveness through ongoing updating of skills in all the areas in which Leonardo works.