Scenario Futuro, online the second Italian Tech longform on Leonardo: from climate to health, the value of space in the data-driven era

08 September 2022

The Gedi Group's content hub on Leonardo's technologies for Earth observation and monitoring continues with an article on the space economy.

The second longform of the content hub realised by Italian Tech for Leonardo will take us on a journey into space to discover the concrete applications of the space economy, ranging from the chemical-physical analysis of elements to the millimetric movement of infrastructures and the study of meteorological agents. 

Although the space economy is only in its infancy, Italy has already won a leading role. It is only in the 21st century that the space race has taken on the connotations of true exploration, gaining the strategic, political, economic and social interest that it is now recognised for by governments around the world. Leonardo has always boasted a privileged position in this field, having made space research one of the drivers of the 2030 strategic plan

Earth observation through technologies capable of monitoring critical infrastructures and the state of health of our planet, providing innovative services to citizens and increasing our knowledge of the universe; hyper-technological eyes capable of breaking down images into bands that are not even visible to the naked eye by detecting the 'spectral signature'; Global Monitoring, which sees the X-2030 platform as the fundamental asset for intelligent territorial monitoring. These are all realities in which Leonardo is investing, and which in this article will help us understand how space is increasingly revealing itself as one of the sciences richest in opportunities for our future.

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