Scenario Futuro, third longform: focus on precision agriculture

15 September 2022

Online the third episode of the Italian Tech longform series “Scenario Futuro”, dedicated to precision agriculture. At the centre of this episode the services and solutions of Leonardo and its joint ventures for monitoring the crop growth cycle in all its phases, from ploughing to sowing to harvesting.

Making agricultural production more sustainable, productive and efficient. Meeting the growing food needs of the world's population. Reduce, if not eliminate, waste of the most precious natural resources, from water to soil. And producing healthier food, promoting energy efficiency and combating climate change.

Technology and digitisation are transforming the agricultural sector and its fields. Connected devices, sensors, drones and satellites are helping to provide farmers with a large network of data that can improve and make crops more sustainable.

Scenario Futuro: agriculture, a “phygital” metaverse for digital sustainability 

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