Leonardo’s digital communication technology operated by the Warsaw Police contributes every day to the Capital’s security

Kielce, Poland  03 September 2019 12:51

  • The system supplied by Leonardo ensures voice and data communications through DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) technology and a web based control center 
  • Leonardo’s communication SIMULCAST DMR Tier III technology is also operational in the country through an important collaboration with the company MPWiK, which manages the Warsaw aqueduct
  • After a year of successes and the establishment of Leonardo Poland, Leonardo and PZL-Swidnik are working to fulfil Poland’s demanding defence and security requirements with new projects showcased during this year’s edition of MSPO

Leonardo, in cooperation with Xentia Sp. z o.o., is providing the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters with a communication system that allows voice and data transmission in DMR technology based on 24 RBS4000 retransmission stations working in the LAN network, connected by microwave links. 

As a part of the order, awarded in the first quarter of 2019, dispatch consoles were also implemented to manage radio terminals and display their positions on georeferenced maps to coordinate patrols. Due to the DMR SIMULCAST (SIMULtaneous BroadCASTing) technology, the Leonardo’s system allows radio coverage of 9 regions with the total area of 5,584 km2. The entire network infrastructure is managed by the Leonardo CSP (Communication Service Platform) server.

This technology ensures the optimal use of small frequency resources by combining several retransmission stations into integral cells. This allows for full and permanent connections of terminals in single radio networks and through dispatch consoles for the connection in the integrated radio network system managed by the Leonardo CSP.

The system provided by Leonardo, which was implemented using the latest technologies, satisfies the operational needs of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters, and at the same time can be easily and quickly expanded to meet the increasing integration and complexity requirements. The DMR SIMULCAST system has been efficiently implemented thanks to the effective cooperation between Leonardo technicians and a group of experts from the IT Department of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

The contract with the Warsaw Police Headquarters for the purchase of the DMR SIMULCAST system strengthens Leonardo's position in the Polish professional radiocommunication sector. Poland is Leonardo’s important home market, where the Company’s two entities are running operations: a helicopter manufacturer, PZL-Swidnik, and Leonardo Poland, recently established in Warsaw. Leonardo Poland's goal is to strengthen strong ties with Polish clients and create new business opportunities.