Leonardo adheres to “Mille Infrastrutture - Rete d’imprese” for the development of projects dedicated to monitoring critical infrastructures

Rome  05 August 2021 11:46

  • Leonardo will contribute to making infrastructures “intelligent” with a high level of predictivity in their management over time, beginning with maintenance
  • The integration of satellite-terrestrial technologies and the development of digital twin models’s of manufacts will allow the creation of a monitoring platform capable of better managing all static and dynamic parameters


Leonardo, an international player dedicated to the development of multidomain operational capabilities in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors through the supervision of strategic technologies, joins “Mille Infrastrutture - Rete d’imprese”.

In this context, Leonardo aims to introduce advanced and integrated technological capabilities for the intelligent management of critical infrastructures. The Mille Infrastrutture - Rete d’imprese consortium is the entity created to participate in tenders and / or tenders as part of the “Project for the static and dynamic monitoring of infrastructures, environmental protection areas and coasts”, connected to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and the Complementary Fund of the NRRP. This project will also be able to compete at a European level to win competitive funding under the various research programs. 

“Joining Mille Infrastrutture - Rete d’imprese testifies and confirms how the objectives of Leonardo’s strategy, announced in the Be Tomorrow 2030 long-term strategic growth plan, are perfectly in alignment with those that guide the National Recovery and Resilience Plan”, states Lucio Valerio Cioffi, General Manager of Leonardo. “Over time we have developed the technological capabilities to offer the country system a structured support and the global monitoring activities are among those macro areas that Leonardo has identified in order to ensure a decisive contribution to the modernization of the country”, concludes Cioffi, appointed Deputy Chairman of the consortium.

Leonardo will utilize its specialized cutting-edge solutions in global monitoring activities as a common factor of the Mille Infrastrutture network, supported by the application of artificial intelligence solutions.

Thanks to multisensory and satellite techniques and proprietary information analysis and correlation solutions, a cyber-secure platform by design will be created, capable of presenting a snapshot of the situation and its evolution over time. Through the creation of digital twins for the virtualization of the artifacts to be monitored and the integration of physical-mathematical models for the structural and behavioural analysis of the same, the static and dynamic monitoring of the parameters that guarantee stability and safety to the critical infrastructures of the Country.
The platform may subsequently also be used for the monitoring of other infrastructures, in order to provide managers and concessionaires and safety authorities with an effective alert and maintenance tool.

The Mille Infrastrutture network was created on the initiative of the technological districts of Basilicata, Liguria, Piedmont and Campania, and involves large, medium and small businesses, together with research centres and universities, for a total of over eighty public and private players. A network of complementary skills that sees major players in the field of technological innovation as protagonists. The subjects participating in the network geographically cover the entire peninsula, thus enabling cohesion between the various areas of the country in line with national strategic objectives. The network adopts an organizational model that can be replicated, in the management of the same activities, even at a European level.