Leonardo: filing of documentation

Rome  14 June 2019 11:42

According to applicable law and regulations, notice is hereby given that the text of the Articles of Association, updated following the amendment of articles 18, 28 and 34 (aimed at making permanent, in the composition of the administrative and control bodies, the presence of a minimum number - at least one third - of members belonging to the less represented gender) approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on May 16, 2019, recorded on June 12, 2019 with the Rome Company Register, was made available to the public within the statutory deadlines (also with evidence of changes) at the Company’s head office, at Borsa Italiana S.p.A., on the Company’s website (www.leonardocompany.com, section Corporate Governance, Governance Model /By Laws), as well as on the website of the authorised storage mechanism eMarket Storage (www.emarketstorage.com).