A Digital Army for Facing New Multidomain Scenarios

28 November 2022

The armed forces are evolving to respond to every type of threat and with the digitisation of command-and-control systems, they can now rely on a single, integrated, comprehensive data management architecture across every operational domain.

In todays’ constantly evolving defence scenarios, where conventional threats combine with new asymmetrical threats, troops need resources and systems that can adequately support the increasing complexity of the armed forces. This means being able to count on secure communications, information superiority, situational awareness, agile command capabilities, and full control over sensors, resources and weapons. There is increasingly more talk of multi-domain operations because all five domains (land, sea, sky, space, cyber) are not only interconnected but they are also fully integrated, and this integration is the key to success.

Consequently, military instruments are evolving towards a dimension in which, in the near future, information from every component in the field – from individual soldiers to radar and satellite systems, air, sea, land and submarine platforms – will be fully integrated into a single architecture that relies on a variety of Command and Control (C2) systems. New, more secure, high-performing platforms capable of operating across all levels and domains in a collaborative environment, providing the armed forces with the information superiority required to act promptly, while ensuring maximum security.

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