Chieti Security Operation Centre (SOC): a system of digital capabilities to fight cyber threats

17 October 2022

Leonardo’s SOC (Security Operation Centre), an internationally recognised centre of excellence in cybersecurity that protects 7,000 networks and 100,000 cyber users in 130 countries worldwide. 

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A complete system of digital capabilities for fighting an invisible enemy. Chieti SOC is Leonardo’s centre of excellence for cybersecurity, where highly specialised technicians and analysts, supported by advanced artificial intelligence and big data analysis systems, work 24 hours a day to protect essential national and overseas infrastructures against cyberattack and the interruption of digital systems that provide vital services to the community.

In today’s increasingly digital society, cyber security is no longer an option; it is an essential need. In fact, any infrastructure that is exposed to the potential risk of attack has a direct impact on every aspect of peoples’ lives: from energy and telecommunications, health and banking, right the way through to water supply and transportation systems. The SOC in Chieti relies on a powerful data processing supercomputer that manages every element of cyber protection in real-time: from open-source intelligence and the dark web, to protection against cyberthreats and the restoration of the damaged system’s functions.

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