Leonardo between invention and STEAM

Enthusiasm, passion, curiosity and enjoyment - all in the name of invention: Leonardo took part in the National Geographic Festival of Sciences for the second year as an Educational Partner promoting STEM disciplines - as well as adding A for Arts, to mark the interplay between creativity and innovation.

Rome  19 April 2019

Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics - these are the subjects behind the acronym STEAM: the disciplines of the future which we have decided to focus on in order to promote the key skills of innovation in open dialogue with the protagonists - tomorrow's generations. This is the approach which enabled our employees to animate some of the workshops held during the National Geographic Festival of Sciences (Rome, 8-14 April 2019) to tell children about their work, our products and our solutions in a enjoyable and unusual context: focusing on passion for innovation, a feeling to be shared and communicated. 

We expressed our scientific citizenship through an event where 29,000 students took part in educational activities and through our involvement with the INside/INvention exhibition: the evolution of our products, from helicopters to tiltrotors. The Festival also saw the involvement of the Leonardo-Civiltà delle Macchine Foundation, through readings of some passages from the famous magazine edited by Leonardo Sinisgalli. An ideal bridge between past and future under the hallmark of invention but - above all - of open dialogue with future generations.

Educational Partner at the National Geographic Festival of Sciences

Last April 10th, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, our employees participated as STEAM ambassadors in various educational workshops, transmitting their competencies and their passion for scientific disciplines to the children present. Watch the video to see the day’s highlights.