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Provide permission-based access to your online library of digital assets

The demand for access to images of your hotels are numerous and constant – your marketing department and agencies want them for campaigns, the media wants them for a feature story, and the list goes on. Meeting all of these demands can be a chaotic and inefficient exercise without the right system in place.

A robust, permission-based digital asset library can alleviate many of the pains associated with managing requests for hotel media. Leonardo’s Private Digital Library (PDL) is directly connected with VScape so there’s no need to upload your hotels’ media assets to another system. Using the PDL, you can:

  • Control publisher, agency and media access to your hotels’ digital assets using permission control features
  • Customize your web-based digital library to be consistent with your brand standards and seamlessly integrated with your corporate website
  • Monitor user activity with reports showing log in activity, media views, media downloads and more

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