Social Media Marketing

Amplify your story on social media channels.

With travel being one of the most popular topics on Facebook, having a page for your property is a must. But in order to really engage travel shoppers on Facebook you need to take full advantage of all of its visual storytelling features – from an interesting cover photo to multi-media apps to regular photo posts on your timeline.

Sound like a lot of work?

It’s not when you’re using the social media features of Vizlly, Leonardo’s Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System. With Vizlly’s Social Media module, you can create and publish multi-media driven apps that:

  • Tell your property’s story and let your Facebook page visitors explore and experience your property right on the page
  • Turn your Facebook page into a booking conversion tool with a booking widget on each multi-media driven app
  • Drive bookings with timely and targeted special offers
  • Keep your Facebook page and your property’s story fresh, current, and looking good

Learn more about Vizlly’s Social Media Marketing features
and how they can help you reach and engage more travel shoppers