Winners of university students category

Innovation Award 2019

In the 15th edition of Leonardo's Innovation Award three university prizes were awarded to university students who presented the best projects during a competition, the "Innovathon", which took place in Rome on the 16th and 17 November 2019.

Objective of the competition was to create a working prototype of a vehicle that can intervene in critical infrastructure emergencies, moving autonomously, recognising all humans who needed to receive aid as precisely as possible and providing them with a first-aid kit. 

The four parameters of the evaluation were: performance, cost, time and quality.

The winner of the Innovathon was the team whose prototype carried the first-aid kit to the most humans along a pre-determined route. 


First place:


The winning team: 

Uranium miners - Michele Lizzit (LUISS Roma), Samuele Turci (Università di Bologna), Andrea Cracco (Università di Verona), Giacomo Ferretti (Università di Milano), Stefano Secci (Leonardo).

Second place: 


The winning team: 

I Turuk - Edoardo Gruppi (Università di Genova), Lorenzo Carpaneto (Università di Genova), Filippo Lamberto (Università di Genova), Marco Lanteri (Università di Genova), Gianpiero Ungarelli (Università di Genova).


Third place:


The winning team: 

AIROBoys - Andrés Fernando Arciniegas Mejía (Università La Sapienza), Egor Orel (Università La Sapienza), David Esteban Imbajoa Ruiz (Università La Sapienza), Anupam Nautiyal (Università La Sapienza), Alessandro De Angelis (Leonardo).