Leonardo supports Autolinee Toscane on Italy’s most ambitious bus network programme

11 January 2022

Leonardo’s growing influence in the Italian transport sector, along with its commitment to sustainable transport, is being demonstrated as part of a significant bus network modernisation programme across Tuscany.

The company is working with Autolinee Toscane, the Italian branch of the French RATP Dev, which is one of the main transport operators in the world, transporting 1.5 billion travellers, across 470 cities in 13 different countries each year. On 1 November 2021, Autolinee Toscane, which has responsibility for urban and extra-urban public transport by road for the entire Tuscany region, inaugurated the service which integrates, monitors and manages over 950 lines, distributed over 24,000 km of network and used by 2,600 buses that pass through 37,000 stops on their journeys.

As Autolinee Toscane’s technological partner, Leonardo is supplying two main solutions developed by its Cyber Security Division: latest generation on-board systems that integrate all the functions required on a mobile vehicle in a single device; and an advanced integrated platform for the operation centre that enables planning, monitoring, real-time operations and final accounting of the service even in heterogeneous and highly complex situations.

The collaboration between the two companies, which started last summer, has already produced an important result, namely the scheduled switch-off of the existing software systems and the migration managed on the new and unique platform hosted at the Leonardo digital infrastructure of the Genoa site.

The migration to the new system – which took place without any service disruption, despite the level of complexity and short deadline – guarantees high availability of the bus services requested and allows you to continuously monitor all means and calculate arrival times at bus stops, managing the service across the whole of Tuscany region.

The project’s next milestones are the supply of almost 3,000 on-board systems and completion of the integration and evolution of heterogeneous and multi-brand legacy systems. These include software for service planning, the central ticketing system, on-board validators, bus stop and on-board displays, and the information system of the Regional Mobility and Transport Observatory.

In addition to providing the technologies and project activities, Leonardo will also deliver staff training, assistance and system maintenance for the next ten years.

This ambitious project will see Leonardo demonstrate its vast experience, agility and most advanced technologies recently developed to ensure increasingly reliable, comfortable, multimodal and interconnected transport, and more sustainable mobility. It also demonstrates Leonardo's growing focus on and commitment to the efficiency and sustainability of the transport sector and urban mobility.

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