A team of excellence, led by Leonardo, for the Royal Australian Navy's new communications systems

18 June 2021

The Leonardo Global Group led by Leonardo Australia have undertaken an internal Agreement to work collaboratively in pursuit of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)’s SEA 1442 Phase 5 – Maritime Communications Modernisation (MCM) Project. The Agreement will leverage the incumbency and capabilities delivered to the RAN under SEA 1442 Phase 4 by the Leonardo Global Group individual entities.

SEA 1442 Phase 5 seeks to deliver to the maritime war fighter an assured communications capability through a Mission System that can cope with current and anticipated future information exchange demands and is interoperable with joint, coalition and allied systems. At the same time, the system has increased bearer and satellite constellation diversity and agility and features a high level of automation. To do this, the Leonardo Global Group will leverage lessons learnt and the experience gained through the implementation of SEA 1442 Phase 4.

The Agreement aims to deliver an unparalleled surety of execution to the RAN courtesy of the incumbency from SEA 1442 phase 4. Furthermore, the Leonardo Global Group will bring the benefit of their collective worldwide networks and supply chains, further broadening the evolutionary and technology pathways available to the project.

Leonardo Australia recognise Sovereign Capability and AIC as being paramount within the SEA 1442 Phase 5 solution. To wit, they will leverage their existing Australian supply chains as well as undertake engagement to identify new industry participants. Opportunities for industry participants to join the Leonardo Global Group SEA 1442 Ph 5 supply chain will come via the impending ICN led Industry Engagement process which will commence in the coming weeks.

Michael Lenton, Leonardo Australia’s Executive Chairman, commented “The Leonardo Global Group led by Leonardo Australia make for a formidable team when it comes to defence electronics. It is a natural fit for the upgrade and modernisation of the RAN’s communications. The Leonardo Global Group of companies have proven themselves in terms of engineering, supply, and installation on the current Phase 4 of the SEA1442 program. The fleet of ANZAC Frigates is well on its way to full operational capability, so it makes real sense to strengthen an already winning streak for SEA 1442 Phase 5 of the program for the modernisation of much of Navy’s current strategic assets.”


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