Roberto Cingolani to Les Echos, "Defence needs a digitalisation plan"

07 June 2024

In an interview with the French newspaper Les Echos, by Anne Bauer, Leonardo's CEO Roberto Cingolani highlights the need for industry to play an active role in building an effective European Defence, in which a strong commitment to digitalisation will be crucial.

The current geopolitical scenario demonstrates how greater cooperation among the different countries is essential for Europe to overcome the fragmentation of the continental defence industry. This is the starting point for Roberto Cingolani's analysis, which highlights how the traditional concept of defence has today expanded towards a broader concept, the global security, which includes energy, food, infrastructure and cyber security.

In this context, to defend peace requires a collective commitment from the industry. According to Cingolani, “companies are called upon to explore and develop new synergies among themselves, encouraging governments to cooperate”. A greater collaboration in which technology will increasingly play a decisive role, with investments in artificial intelligence and digitalisation to face the challenges of the new multi-domain scenarios.