Digital in manufacturing.
The revolution for competitiveness

24 June 2024

The power of a country is measured by its supercomputing, storage and cloud capacity, and their integration with manufacturing is crucial for its development. These are the words of Leonardo’s CEO Roberto Cingolani in an interview with Nicola Saldutti on Corriere della Sera’s “L'Innovazione”.

The tensions and conflicts that characterise the current geopolitical scenario are increasingly making technology an essential asset not only for military Defence, but also to ensure the security of citizens. As Roberto Cingolani points out, “Critical infrastructures can be monitored from Space, from aqueducts to the high-voltage networks that carry electricity. Food, energy and connection insecurity, can be reduced and controlled, or even predicted, thanks to technology.”

Digitalisation, in the form of computing capacity, storage and cloud, is thus one of the dimensions for assessing the power of a country. Combining these technological elements with production, says Cingolani, is what enables companies towards development.

In this context, it is crucial for industry to invest in STEM competences and to support start-ups and the talent demand. “Increasing digital reality means,” according to Roberto Cingolani, “raising the ability to think.” A trend in which digitalisation and artificial intelligence are decisive in many areas, including the prevention of environmental disasters, and guaranteeing social and economic security.