Roberto Cingolani: “History on a inclined plane. Defending peace, the EU must come out of its immobility”

02 April 2024

In an interview with QN-Quotidiano Nazionale editor Agnese Pini, Leonardo’s CEO Roberto Cingolani discusses the concept of global security considering geopolitical tensions and ongoing conflicts. This topic is connected with technological development and the search for the skills needed to defend the strategic information of citizens, from health to economic data.

The conflict in Ukraine and its consequences have given rise to a new view of conflicts, showing how even a geographically limited event has immediate repercussions on global security. As Roberto Cingolani points out, “When discussing security, we should not focus only on armaments and the effects of war. The security of a country and its people depends primarily on energy autonomy, infrastructure, health, and services.”

In this context, new technologies, the development of which is fuelled by investment in skills, play an increasingly central role. Cingolani notes that “it is not just a demographic issue. There is a shortage of young people with STEM training. They are the ones who will have to keep the technological infrastructure up and running and constantly updated. They are our real investment in security.”

Technology is the key element in the journey towards global security, with an approach that transcends the borders of individual states. According to Cingolani, “We have to think European on these issues. A common Defence would also make us a more robust and reliable partner in the Atlantic Alliance.”