Leonardo's continued commitment to decarbonisation and climate action

29 May 2024

The new document "Leonardo for Climate Action" – now available online – testifies to our company's commitment to climate change and illustrates the strategies implemented to counter its effects.

“Leonardo for Climate Action” was born to share our commitment to climate action with all stakeholders, with information on the ways in which the company evaluates and monitors the risks and opportunities linked to climate change, in compliance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) standard, in addition to its decarbonisation initiatives, both in production processes and in the creation of sustainable products and solutions.

Leonardo's climate strategy, in line with the objectives validated by the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi), is supported by investment and financial planning decisions that take into account environmental and climate parametres and is structured along a double track.

On the one hand, with initiatives to decarbonise business-related processes, such as the NEMESI project, which aims to transform the Pomigliano d'Arco and Nola sites into smart factories through automation and digitalisation systems applied to fuselage production.

On the other hand, through the creation of enabling products and solutions with respect to issues related to sustainability, such as Global Monitoring systems, to evaluate the health of the Earth, climate and large infrastructures, and the development of products and solutions capable of being intrinsically efficient, that is, of realising - during their use - significant benefits in terms of environmental impact, such as virtual training systems, helicopters that use SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels) or design through digital twins.

In the last four years, Leonardo has reduced more than 40% of direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) through operational efficiency and other decarbonisation actions. Regarding Scope 3 emissions, the company has strengthened its commitment both to reducing emissions from the supply chain and to the development of low-carbon products and solutions.


Cover image: Colniza, Mato Grosso, Brazil. COSMO-SkyMed Image © ASI. Processsed and distributed by e-GEOS.