The Leonardo ‘UNIGE Cybersecurity Scholarship Program’ begins

22 December 2020

The University of Genoa with the collaboration of Leonardo Cyber Security has designed a specialized course of Cyber Security-themed studies: the Leonardo - UNIGE Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, presented on December 22nd.

The Magnificent Rector Federico Delfino, Professor Alessandro Armando and Gaspare Ferraro of ZenHack attended the presentation.The Managing Director of the Cyber Security Division Tommaso Profeta, and Fabio Cocurullo Head of Grants, Collaborations and Prototype attended the event for Leonardo.

The Leonardo - UNIGE Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, designed for the academic year 2020/2021, aims to provide students with knowledge and operational training for the cyber defense of digital infrastructures through an educational path that combines traditional training with innovative and engaging activities based on gaming and simulation models. In particular, within the training project there will be a Capture the Flag competition and a Cyber Defense Simulation with red & blue teams supported by ZenHack ethical hackers.

The program will be divided into two phases, the first one of education on a selection of cybersecurity topics, the second one of training in cyber defense which will take place through sessions,taking place at the Genova headquarter of the Division, on defense techniques and tools and through simulation activities on cyber range systems.

Leonardo Cyber Security's commitment to the new training program is further evidence of the Division's attention to the area in which it operates, to the formation and dissemination of a culture of security among young people, and to the role they play in our reality. company as a constant stimulus to the search for new ideas and as a fundamental asset for the present and the future.

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