Independence assessment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Rome,  13 June 2024 20:23

We hereby inform that the new Board of Statutory Auditors of Leonardo, appointed by the Shareholders’ meeting held on May 24, 2024, verified – based on the information provided by the interested parties or in any case available to the Company – that the independence requirements pursuant to the law (Article 148, paragraph 3 of the Consolidated Law on Finance) and to the Corporate Governance Code (Article 2, Recommendations 7 and 9) are met by all its regular members (Luca Rossi, Marco Fazzini, Giulia Pusterla, Paola Simonelli and Alessandro Zavaglia).
In its independence assessment pursuant to the Corporate Governance Code, the Board of Statutory Auditors adopted the same criteria laid down for Directors in the Code1
The results of the assessment were promptly disclosed to the Company’s Board of Directors, which examined them at today's meeting.

1The criteria adopted by the Board of Directors to assess the independence, which implement the guidelines of the Corporate Governance Code, are set out in the Board of Directors’ Rules of Procedure, as well as in the specific document dealing with the "Criteria to assess the significance of commercial, financial, professional relationships and additional remuneration", as described in the 2024 Report on Corporate Governance and Shareholder Structure, to whose contents please refer.