Leonardo at Seoul ADEX 2023 to strengthen its partnership with Korea and promote its latest helicopters and defence electronics

Seoul,  16 October 2023 14:28

  • Leonardo looks to strengthen their ongoing relationship with key defence industry to    meet the needs of the Korean government
  • Leonardo looks to support key Korean partners with export opportunities  
  • Leonardo is working with local partners to expanding its support network in Korea for its fleet of helicopters 


Leonardo will attend the Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (Seoul ADEX) - stand 199 in Hall F - from October 17-22. Leonardo has decades of heritage in Korea providing the latest helicopters, such as the world-class AW159 helicopter, currently in service with the Republic of Korea Navy and defence & security electronics. Today, the Republic of Korea's key civil and military forces conduct operations using a wide range of high technology Leonardo equipment.

At ADEX, the two world class helicopters AW101 and AW189 will be shown at the Leonardo booth to learn more on the latest technologies, high performances and superior solution on mission capability.

The AW101 embodies advanced design and technology coupled with long range and endurance, which provide operational persistence for all missions. The versatility of the AW101 platform and a full range of on-board equipment allow operators to configure the helicopter for a wide range of roles including Maritime, Battlefield/Personnel Recovery and SAR. This mission versatility, combined with the most spacious cabin in its class featuring large side sliding doors and rear access ramp, makes the AW101 the most advanced, flexible and capable multi-role helicopter available today.

The AW101 is by design able to operate in extreme weather conditions; it is fitted with a de-icing system and rated to operate in temperatures ranging between −45 and +50 °C. The aircraft's control systems allow the AW101 to maintain a stable hover in 74 km/h (40 kn) crosswinds. The AW101 is a medium-lift helicopter used for a range of applications by several countries including the UK, Italy and Canada among many others, and has been ordered by Norway in a search-and-rescue configuration which includes Leonardo’s Osprey AESA radar. The AW101 is a true multi-role helicopter capable of performing a wide range of roles including specialized roles like airborne mine counter measures, amphibious support and transport. 

The AW189 is Leonardo’s latest twin-engined, super-medium helicopter for civil and public service applications. Leonardo is a main helicopter partner of Korea, having previously also provided the Super Lynx for the RoK Navy, the AW139 helicopter for the Korea Coast Guard and several regional fire services, the AW119K for the Korean National Police and the GrandNew and AW169 for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations. 

The AW189 is the superior multi-mission solution for today’s demanding operations, combining exceptional payload and range with outstanding technology and safety. The type has proven extremely successful not only in the energy support market but also in the public service one for search and rescue, MEDEVAC, firefighting, disaster relief and law enforcement and has already been chosen by several operators in Asian countries for these roles. 

Another major area of focus for Leonardo at Seoul ADEX will be the company’s RAT31 DL/M radar, a L-band solid-state 3D surveillance radar, designed to protect large portions of territory thanks to its wide range. The sensor is part of a family of long-range systems with surveillance, air defence, and missile capabilities, including ballistic missiles, in support of homeland security and operational missions. The RAT 31 DL/M can adapt to the challenges posed by a broad range of operational scenarios, including those where it has to face jamming and heavy clutter at the same time. Its highly reliable technology allows for a “graceful degradation”, meaning that even if some modules fail, the radar sustains its overall performance.

Leonardo has sold over 70 RAT 31 (Fixed and Mobile version) in 18 countries worldwide. The radar is a crucial component of NATO's air defence capabilities; its architecture meets the Alliance standards, enabling full interoperability during multinational missions.

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