Leonardo’s presence in Latin America’s energy support and super-medium helicopter category market grows further with OHI’s AW189/AW189K order

Rome,  28 November 2023 11:01

  • The contract, including two AW189s and one AW189K, contributes to OHI’s roadmap to meet new customer demands, citing sustainability and product reliability benefits.
  • With the unique combination of efficient long-range, high endurance and large capacity operations with lower operating costs compared to larger, heavier types, the AW189 maintains its leadership in the reference market. 


The world’s most successful super-medium class helicopter, the AW189, grows its presence further in the energy support market and Latin America with an order placed by leading helicopter operator Omni Helicopters International (OHI) for three units, including two AW189s (powered by General Electric engines) and one AW189K (powered by Safran engines).

This latest contract follows a significant Leonardo fleet expansion at OHI, starting with eight AW139 intermediate twins and two AW189 super medium helicopters procured since 2021. It also marks the entry of the AW189K variant into the Latin American market following OHI's introduction of the AW189 model in this region. The presence of both versions will allow the operator to meet different mission requirements while maintaining the unique combination of efficient long-range, high endurance, and large-capacity operations with lower operating costs compared to larger, heavier types.

OHI is focused on providing air mobility solutions to the offshore Oil and Gas sector, as well as Onshore Utility, Unmanned Air Vehicles and Urban Air Mobility. Its customer-first culture has allowed it to grow rapidly alongside discovering new oil reserves in Brazil and Guyana that are increasingly distant from the coast. OHI continues to serve its clients by adapting its fleet to the new context of the market, and this latest order is a further step forward in OHI's commitment to meet new customer demands, citing sustainability and product reliability benefits. It confirms the strong collaboration with Leonardo to meet its evolving medium to long-range offshore transport mission requirements in South America, where the AW139 is the market leader in its segment, and the AW189 is addressing new requirements for the best combination of performance, technology, safety, emissions, and cost/effectiveness.

For Jeremy Akel OHI`s Group CEO “we believe in not just meeting but exceeding the evolving needs of our clients. This latest contract, a continued collaboration with Leonardo, marks an important step in our journey. As we expand our fleet, we are investing in more sustainable and reliable air mobility solutions. Our commitment to a customer-first culture drives us to adapt and innovate, ensuring we continuously advance pioneering air mobility solutions.” 

Belonging to the AWFamily of products, the AW189 (8.3/8.6 tonne) combines superior payload and range with advanced technologies to successfully operate a wide range of missions such as energy industry support, passenger transport, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting and Law Enforcement. Unique features of the helicopter include the main transmission’s capability to run without oil for 50 minutes and a built-in Auxiliary Power Unit. The AW189 is available with more than 200 certified kits and delivered with a comprehensive support and training service package tailored to meet specific customer requirements to maximize mission effectiveness and safety of operations. As a recent example, the type obtained certification for an automatic data transmission system enabling the aircraft to transmit performance data to a ground station using satellite communication in flight, 4G cell connectivity, or Wi-Fi when on the ground. It offers a secure way to share an accurate picture of each flight so that Leonardo experts can assess data quickly, thus optimizing maintenance and support. Nearly 120 AW189s have been ordered, and almost 90 delivered to operators worldwide to date. 


About Omni Helicopters International

Omni Helicopters International (OHI), founded in Portugal in the 90s, stands at the forefront of Latin America's air mobility solutions sector. As the region's largest provider of these services, OHI caters to diverse customer groups across multiple segments, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions. Through its subsidiaries Omni Taxi Aéreo in Brazil, Omni Helicopters Guyana Inc., and Omni Helicopters International Mozambique, OHI offers unmatched capability and capacity to serve offshore customers in the fastest growing offshore energy markets. The company's extensive portfolio includes Crew Change, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Firefighting, Search and Rescue operations, as well as highly specialized Cargo and Utility services in remote and challenging locations. In line with its commitment to innovation, OHI has recently introduced two groundbreaking ventures: OHI Unmanned, a specialist division focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) services, and Revo, a premium advanced air mobility (AAM) solution provider.