Leonardo-Finmeccanica highlights ethics for a sustainable business

Leonardo-Finmeccanica has held the first of a series of meetings aimed at propagating the company's policies for ethical business with its ‘Compliance Council 2016' workshop in Rome

Rome  22 June 2016 16:58

  • A “Compliance Council” was held in Rome with company managers to underline Leonardo’s commitment to an ethical and responsible business
  • Leonardo is guided by its ‘ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION’ principle, firmly believing in the pursuit of ethics and the value of a good reputation


Leonardo-Finmeccanica has held the first of a series of meetings aimed at propagating the company’s policies for ethical business with its ‘Compliance Council 2016’ workshop in Rome. The twin themes of the workshop focused on the importance of stringent compliance with regulations and the more rigorous application of the codes of the business. The workshop was initiated by the Group General Counsel and the Senior Compliance Officer as part of the training and development of company managers.


The workshop will be repeated throughout the year so as to involve more than 200 top-level employees, with a focus on those who perform leadership roles in the areas of business most subject to compliance issues. Introduced by CEO and General Manager Mauro Moretti, the event stressed the risks and challenges involved with operating in the highly sensitive sector of aerospace and defence. The workshop covered the complex issues arising from promoting the business around the world, particularly in countries with a high perceived risk of corruption (based on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index – CPI). Challenges in dealing with countries with particularly demanding or complex procurement rules were also discussed, as were countries considered ‘sensitive’ due to sanctions and other trade restrictions imposed by the international community.


“Compliance with the strict rules adopted by Leonardo is essential – said Mauro Moretti – and must be backed up with a personal commitment to the ethical principles to which the company aspires so that we can compete fairly and effectively in the market. We must comply with laws, exhibit transparency and good faith in our dealings and build a position of trust and cooperation with our stakeholders.” The CEO also stressed the need to effectively identify and manage risks arising from the incorrect application of rules, preventing negative impacts on the business and reputational damage which is difficult to recover from.


Leonardo’s strategy and policy is based on the principle of 'ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION’. The company sees its reputation, based on ethical conduct, as an intrinsically valuable resource which must be protected in the interest of successful business development.


The event was also attended by company Chairman Giovanni De Gennaro, who stressed that the safeguards put in place in the field of compliance, when respected by all, are a prerequisite for strong and credible decision making. The role of compliance, De Gennaro said, is not to merely play a part in the day-to-day process of the business but rather to act as the fundamental bedrock underpinning it.