The second edition of the Leonardo-Finmeccanica "Compliance Council 2016 Workshop"

The second edition of "Compliance Council 2016", a workshop for Leonardo-Finmeccanica employees, has taken place in Rome.

Rome  22 July 2016 14:10

  • "Business Compliance" and "Trade Compliance" examined in depth during the two-day workshop
  • Leonardo-Finmeccanica continues its path towards a single identity built on ethics, full compliance with the rules and zero tolerance for corruption


The second edition of “Compliance Council 2016”, a workshop for Leonardo-Finmeccanica employees, has taken place in Rome. The meeting attended by senior management, is aimed at the continued pursuit of uniformity and homogeneity in the procedures, policies, cultures and directions of the Group’s Divisions in order to move toward a single identity built on ethics and full compliance with the rules. The workshop is part of a series of events planned as part of the compliance and training programme organized by Leonardo-Finmeccanica on an initiative of Group General Counsel Andrea Parrella and Senior Compliance Officer Elena Napolitano.


Day one of the workshop was dedicated to the themes of Business Compliance. The Chairman Gianni De Gennaro delivered a message, including on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, on the importance of the “zero tolerance” policy not just against corruption but also against any kind of illegal or illegitimate behaviour or that which is in conflict with Leonardo's values. Particular emphasis was given to the adoption of ethical behaviours for preserving the reputation of the company, included in the values of every employee, permeating their daily actions and, in this context, compliance is not an added value of the actions to undertake but is an essential and indispensable requirement.


During the second session of the workshop, dedicated to Trade Compliance, the CEO and General Manager Mauro Moretti pointed out that reputation is a company asset, an intangible asset which must be preserved and safeguarded to avoid financial loss that would be difficult to recover. Corruption must be fought in every area of activity and under all guises, both inside and outside the company, insomuch as customer behaviours and unjustified favouritisms are expressions of corruption. “Shortcuts” may cause irreparable damage and it is only by taking the harder and tougher route that we can consolidate the company’s reputation and earn the trust of customers, to whom we are bound by long-lasting relationships based on agreements and business/industrial transactions, and of all stakeholders. During the 2016 “Compliance Council”, a clear message by CEO and General Manager Mauro Moretti on “zero tolerance for corruption” and non-ethical behaviours was published in the "Ethics and Compliance" section of Leonardo's portal and website in order to reach the greatest number of people both inside and outside the company.