Ganimede, Leonardo’s Artificial Intelligence supports Social Distancing

25 June 2020

Following the global Covid-19 outbreak, we are slowly returning to a level of normality. But it is not yet the time to let our guard down. Companies, public administrations and citizens still have to respect important safeguards with the awareness that the virus remains a danger to millions of people. Today's challenge is to guarantee the protection of citizens and workers without compromising the accessibility of services or quality of life.

How can we return to a level of ‘business as usual’ while managing an emergency that is likely to last a long time, and which will involve essential precautions in different sectors? Technology is a critical factor in ensuring compliance with the new regulations, and maintaining quality of service.

Leonardo Cyber Security has upgraded Ganimede its intelligent video analysis solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques, with specific algorithms and functionalities that respond to these new needs. The algorithms have been developed and trained using video and data streams acquired as part of the experimentation of the 5G project that took place in the Porto Antico area of Genoa.

Ganimede can detect the failures in respecting interpersonal distances, the onset of critical gatherings and mistakes in using PPE. It can also estimate a person’s body temperature through a thermal camera with evaluation of the correct facial features. Furthermore, Ganimede is effective both indoors and outdoors, since it can define different alarm logics depending on the context in which it is installed and generating specific risk indicators.

Using Ganimede, it will be easier to encourage a return to normality in compliance with safety regulations, always keeping a strict eye on healthcare and the measures that this challenging period brings.

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