Leonardo for eco-sustainable smart mobility

19 October 2020

Leonardo Cyber Security Division has been leading a research project for Eco-sustainable Intelligent Mobility (MIE), which aims to develop highly efficient mobility solutions to improve transport management, reduce travel times and lessen environmental impact.

The research project was funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), as one of the main initiatives for developing and strengthening the National Technology Cluster "Smart Communities Tech". The project involved the collaboration of leading industry and academic organisations including the Polytechnic of Milan, the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Genoa, and the National Council of Researches (CNR).

The MIE project envisaged an infrastructure that could capture, communicate and manage information relating to the behaviour of people, vehicles and goods whilst they were in the movement phase. Data such as position, speed, acceleration, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions were aggregated into one repository before being analysed.

The information was then integrated into a system capable of planning more efficient itineraries in order to:

  • reduce the quantity of pollutants released into the environment during transport / movement activities by 20%
  • shorten travel times by 25%
  • reduce energy consumption by at least 20%.

These results have been made available to all communities interested in improving the efficiency of their mobility.

As well as leading this innovative project, Leonardo has created the communication, processing and data integration platform; and developed the "Integrated Logistic Node: Port of Genoa - Metropolitan Area" demonstrator, which is necessary to independently validate the project.

A significant portion of the MIE project was also dedicated to establishing a specific educational path to helping young professionals into careers relating to Smart Mobility. To facilitate this, Leonardo will host two young graduates, winners of the MIE scholarship, to embark on an internship in the transport technology sector at its headquarters in Genoa. Leonardo has also developed specific training courses which are currently available on AulaWeb, the e-learning portal of the University of Genoa.

By working in strong collaboration with leading industry and academia, the MIE project has successfully combined the experience and know-how of experienced players in multi-domains, along with research projects and professional training objectives.

The commitment to implement this project further highlights the importance that Leonardo attributes to the safe and efficient mobility sector. In fact, it is a sector that will be increasingly important for the development of new Smart Cities and, consequently, for the creation of a modern Smart Nation that is efficient, safe, resilient and liveable.


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