HERMES – the Telespazio and e-GEOS solution responding to healthcare needs

17 November 2020

Telespazio and e-GEOS are leading a project to develop an ecosystem of services to help hospitals and first aid units provide the best response to healthcare emergencies.

HERMES has entered the test phase in recent weeks, with Telespazio and e-GEOS collaborating with the Italian Red Cross, The Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara, the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in Rome, the Italian Armed Forces and the Celio Military Hospital.

HERMES is a set of services for activities relating to screening, prevention, monitoring and logistics in response to major emergencies such as COVID 19. In accordance with strict privacy laws, the project offers geo-referenced information to monitor the statistical distribution of Coronavirus infection cases at pre-triage and screening centres.

The pillars of the HERMES ecosystem are the high-speed hybrid satellite-terrestrial communication infrastructure (using satellites, mobile networks, etc.) provided by Telespazio and the data centre developed by e-GEOS. The latter is based on CLEOS, the new geo-information marketplace recently launched that collects all the diagnostic Big Data available, and, through artificial intelligence, enables results from different testing methods to be correlated, with suspected cases to be excluded.

Based around the communication centre and data centre, HERMES partners have developed specific healthcare solutions and applications for screening, prevention, monitoring and logistics.

Using artificial intelligence, for example, the VoiceWise application makes it possible to carry out a first evaluative screening by simply analysing the patient’s voice, while the application developed by the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in Rome analyses CAT scans and lung X-rays carried out via telemedicine to identify possible cases.

In addition to enabling specific applications, HERMES is aimed at the management of emergencies via infrastructures such as field hospitals, new generation medical kiosks and vans equipped with innovative IoT instruments and sensors, telemedicine kits and new digital tools.

HERMES is aligned with Leonardo’s Be Tomorrow 2030 strategic plan which aims to help institutions create increasingly sustainable growth. The project provides institutions such as the Italian Civil Protection Agency and National Institute of Health with a crucial tool in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.