Leonardo at CSET 2021

13 September 2021

Leonardo's Cyber Range on stage at CSET 2021 to educate – through play – about the cyber vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures

The protection of critical infrastructures from cyber threats is a central national security issue in Italy, as it is across the rest of the world.

This topic is to be discussed in detail at CSET - Cyber Security for Energy & Transport Infrastructure - Conference 2021, a two-day event dedicated to the cyber security of national strategic infrastructures with a focus on electricity grids and transport. The 7th edition of the conference takes place in Genoa, at the Palazzo della Meridiana, on 14-15 September. It will be possible to participate in person, by invitation, and will also be broadcast in webinar mode (registration required) via Zoom.

Leonardo is participating as a Gold sponsor, and will be showcasing its Cyber Range, the solution for training IT security specialists in the military and civil domains.


CSET Cyber Game

The Cyber Range will be on stage during the CSET Cyber Game session, at 0930 CET on Tuesday 14 September, and will be introduced by Fabio Cocurullo (VP Grants Collaborations and Prototypes). The ‘gamers’ will be a ‘red team’ of attackers made up of Leonardo experts from the Global Security Operation Center in Chieti, against four teams of defenders (‘blue team’) with representatives from A2A, algoWatt, Enel and Iren. The exercise will be supervised by a ‘white team’ also made up of Leonardo cyber experts.

The goal of the Cyber Game? - The protection of data and maintaining availability of the fundamental ICT services of a critical infrastructure, simulated in a realistic way even in a simplified scenario created for the event.

How? - Managing users and passwords, analysing suspicious web pages, and identifying probable ongoing attacks and their possible effects.

The gaming experience will provide the opportunity to experience first-hand and an engaging way, the crucial role that continuous training has for cyber security specialists, and to detail some best practices about cyber protection of critical infrastructures, by a sector leader, such as Leonardo.

Following a roundtable event entitled ‘The challenge of Cyber Security in companies’ on Tuesday 14 September, Giacomo Speretta (SVP Business Development & Marketing - Leonardo Cyber Security Division), will deliver a speech about 'Addressing the cyber threat for the resilience of national strategic infrastructures'.

 The CSET Conference is an international event promoted by Start 4.0, the Competence Centre for the application of new technologies in the security domain, in the field of transport, energy and water infrastructures. Start 4.0 is a public-private partnership that involves several companies and institutions from the Italy’s Ligurian region and economic-entrepreneurial companies offering cyber security, safety and security issues.


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