Genoa Smart Week: an integrated and safe approach to a smart city

25 November 2021

A week of conversations among experts, institutions and citizens to define the future of urban centres

The concept of the smart city has evolved over time. Just a few years ago new technologies were used to improve individual infrastructures or existing processes, today, with the help of satellites, drones, artificial intelligence, 5G networks and the possibility of processing a large amount of data, the aim is to improve the management of cities as a whole and support their sustainable development. To achieve this goal, the involvement of all stakeholders, including citizens, is essential to enable a vision that encompasses all areas of urban reality: from mobility and the environment to energy and security, creating greater value for the citizens of the new smart city.

These new initiatives will be the focus of Genova Smart Week, a week of conversations among all interested parties (operators in the sector, institutions, citizens) on the theme of developing innovative and liveable cities. The event is organised by the Genova Smart City Association and the Municipality of Genoa, and will take place from 29th November to 4th December.

Leonardo is a proud gold sponsor of the event and will add to the dialogue through the participation of senior members of its team.

On Monday 29th November, Giacomo Speretta, SVP Marketing, Business Development and Sales Strategy of Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division, will give a speech on Leonardo's vision of 5G. Fifth generation networks are among the enablers of the digital revolution due to their data transmission performing significantly higher than previous technologies.  They offer enormous opportunities for the development of smart services.  At the same time, they pose technical, economic, regulatory and social challenges that must be faced and overcome for the promised quantum leap to be fully realized.

On Tuesday 30th November, Fabio Cocurullo, Leonardo's Cyber Security Division Head of Grants, Collaborations and Prototypes, and Alessandro Armando, Professor of DIBRIS at the University of Genoa, will participate in a joint talk highlighting the fundamental importance of collaboration between universities and the world of industry through the experience of the Scholarship Program. This is an advanced training course, created by the University of Genoa and Leonardo, on cybersecurity issues, designed for students of Information Technology degrees (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering) at the University of Genoa, with the aim of creating and spreading a culture of security among young people with a view to sustainability, also understood as the ability to generate qualified employment.

Finally, on Thursday 2nd December, Angelo Benvenuto, Head of Solutions and Product Marketing of Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division, will talk about Global Monitoring, i.e. the intelligent monitoring of the territory, presenting the X-2030 platform, the latest Leonardo solution based on the C5I paradigm (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber, Intelligence), which sees in the enhancement and enrichment of data, originating from heterogeneous sources and processed and correlated in real time, the distinctive element for the creation of an integrated, advanced and complete vision of the operational context to support decision-making.

The event will be held in hybrid mode and the  attendees can participate in person and via live streaming.

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