Space and Cybersec, Cingolani:
“Two pillars of our Plan.
And we will send AI into orbit"

19 February 2024

Supercomputing, cloud and AI as enablers of the new Industrial Plan in the coming years. In Corriere della Sera’s L’Economia section, Massimo Sideri delves into Leonardo's innovation goals and its key development elements, through an interview with Chief Executive Officer Roberto Cingolani and Chief Innovation Officer Simone Ungaro.

Install an artificial intelligence algorithm on board a satellite and send it, for the first time in history, into space orbit. This is the objective of the project assigned by Segredifesa's Teledife Contract Department to Leonardo, which testifies the centrality of the Space sector and AI in the new Industrial Plan that will be presented in March.



Chief Executive Officer Roberto Cingolani emphasises that “Space and digital, the latter understood as supercomputing, cloud and artificial intelligence, are respectively a key domain and an enabler for building a strategic 'digital shield' for citizens’ security worldwide. This unique and distinctive new capability demonstrates our digital projection in the industry in the coming years.” The Space sector is thus increasingly central, and its development comes not only through the creation of a new business area, to make Group-wide capabilities more efficient, but also by the desire to derive more value from the Space Alliance and consolidate our leadership in Europe.



Simone Ungaro, Chief Innovation Officer, highlights that "the objective is to become a leader in the Defence world, in a phase of great digital transformation. " Within this framework, a project is underway to install a part of the davinci-1 supercomputer aboard a satellite to be sent into space orbit. An architecture that will allow it to store over 100 Terabytes of data generated on Earth and in Space, and perform high-performance computing and provide access to strategic data and information in real time.