C2D/N EVO: the innovative Command, Control and Navigation system
for Land Forces

The C2D/N EVO, the outcome of a partnership between Leonardo and the Italian Army, supports the Armed Forces’ operations by standardising ground Command and Control in a single system. Compatible with the entire fleet of vehicles currently deployed, including FRECCIA VBMs and ARIETE C2 tanks, it delivers the highest quality and security to address the demands of modern operational scenarios.

Developing a customized solution intended to equip all Italian Army vehicles to standardise land Command and Control in a single device: with this aim, the C2D/N EVO system was born, designed to provide an all-round response to the needs of our Armed Forces, which are constantly evolving with changing operational scenarios and technological advances.

Agile development, a user-friendly interface, and a security-by-design approach help it stand out as a forward-thinking model created from scratch and certified as compliant with NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) according to the STANAG 4.754 standard.

NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA)
A NATO Standardisation Agreement (STANAG 4.754) based on open standards to design and integrate multiple electronic subsystems into military vehicles, controllable by a multifunctional crew display and control unit.

Integration between the real and digital dimensions

The human-machine interface is the core of the system, developed through close collaboration with Army operators, using digitised design processes and digital prototyping tools. Creating a true Digital Twin enabled advanced testing before the interface’s physical realisation, significantly reducing development time and any associated risks. A convergence that integrates the real and digital dimensions, which is the leitmotif of all Leonardo’s activities: from manufacturing to services, its transversal approach is now increasingly oriented towards digital, the ‘domain’ of data and connectivity.

The C2D/N EVO interface provides user-friendly data visualisation, even in 3D. This design ensures ease of use and intuitiveness while significantly enhancing Situational Awareness—the understanding of the operational context—through a more precise and detailed presentation to operational personnel of the tactical situation and its representation on the map. 

Innovating and staying ahead

The C2D/N EVO is a system with an eye on tomorrow. Designed with ample room for growth, it includes the option to integrate new functionalities in the near future. In particular, Artificial Intelligence technologies (such as Leonardo’s BRAIN suite) and Machine Learning will contribute to its potential.


Leonardo BRAIN (Box for Augmented Reality and Neural Intelligence) Technology developed and implemented at the Leonardo factory in Rome’s Tiburtina district, a centre of excellence for electronics, which consists in the application of artificial intelligence to video analysis for accurate threat detection.

Implementing these technologies will provide:

  • enhanced video and image analysis capabilities to identify and classify threats, including drones;
  • improved accuracy and automation of many tasks;
  • considerably reduced operator workload in the decision-making cycle.

Augmented reality features allow for an even more in-depth and detailed and operational picture. This will bolster security and mission effectiveness in scenarios increasingly characterised by multidomain logic, a significantly shortened sensor-to-shooter cycle—rooted in information gathered from Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) activities—and a high threat profile.

Representation of an operation in a multi-domain scenario

The C2D/N EVO system is also designed to align with the requirements of the defence cloud—a vast digital infrastructure dedicated to command, control, analysis, and the real-time distribution of information, data, and services. Every field operator will maintain complete situational awareness, continuously updated in real time.

Focus on security

Security is one of the key elements of C2D/N, developed as a secure-by-design system. What does this mean? That all potential risks have already been considered during design and development, integrating the latest technologies in command, control and cyber security, and creating a platform that is both effective and innovative as well as secure and resilient.

Interoperability is another distinctive feature. Various simulation and training campaigns, including those at the NATO level, have shown the possibility of using C2D/N EVO optimally in joint operations with the Navy and Air Force as well as with the Armed Forces of other countries.

Scientific Cooperation for Innovation

From the initial concept stages to development and production, collaboration between Leonardo experts and the Italian Army has enabled the precise definition of the most effective requirements and functionalities for installing C2D/N on military vehicles. Initially conceived for the upgrading of FRECCIA VBMs (Medium Armoured Vehicles), the system is now also used to equip ARIETE C2 tanks during modernisation and, more broadly, the entire fleet of Army vehicles. Compatible with all currently in-service vehicles, it integrates seamlessly across various vehicle platforms (wheeled and tracked), defence systems, combat management systems (CMS), and sensors. This compatibility ensures logistical efficiency and streamlines personnel training.

Images of Ariete C2 tanks and Freccia VBMs

Conceived, developed and custom-built, the C2D/N is a product of an ongoing commitment to innovation in Command, Control and Navigation systems for Land Forces. This system empowers Italian and international armed forces to face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, supporting their operations while delivering maximum quality and security.