#WeAreLeonardo, discovering the
davinci-1 HPC with Carlo

13 June 2024

Carlo Cavazzoni, our Head of Digital Infrastructures, describes the impact of the davinci-1 supercomputer in the journey towards digitalisation. An ecosystem based on elements such as the digital twin, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data, which are essential for the development of both today's and, even more so, tomorrow's technology. 

Power, innovation and security, these are the keywords identified by Carlo Cavazzoni to describe the potential of the High Performance Computer davinci-1. A digital ecosystem driven by the most innovative technologies, born with the idea of enhancing Leonardo's digitalisation path.

Among the most advanced HPCs globally, the supercomputer located in Genoa integrates both supercomputing and cloud computing, combining flexibility and computational capacity. It manages data from multiple sources, processes them using algorithms - from deep learning to artificial intelligence - and is able to create predictive models for any platform or process.

It is an architecture developed to accelerate the technological transformation towards the digitalisation of industry, with the capability to perform 5 million billion floating point operations per second, with a memory capacity of 20 million gigabytes and a 100 gigabyte per second read and write speed.

These innovative technologies and skills, Cavazzoni emphasises, are just one of the elements that determine the added value of being part of the Group: “Beyond the challenge of competing with the brightest minds on an international level, working at Leonardo means above all being able to see not only today's but also tomorrow's technology.”