The growing complexity of computer networks demands better data correlation techniques in areas such as monitoring behaviour, analysing traffic and revealing anomalies. These techniques are also important in obtaining an overall picture of the events generated by a growing number of network and security devices. Networks and systems must be constantly reinforced and protected, and cybersecurity must be capable of supplying across-the-board protection at different levels of infrastructure and technology.

To react efficiently to future threats, Leonardo anticipates developments in cybersecurity, making use of big data analysis capability, visual analysis, forensic and intelligence techniques applied to cybersecurity to support decision-making: from defining the actions needed in response to a crisis to the strategic choices required to direct medium- to long-term planning and qualifying the desired security stance.

Leonardo uses these techniques and solutions to integrate technological platforms at the service of Security Operation Centres (SOCs), to monitor systems security and analyse all related events. They also support Intelligence Operation Centres (IOCs), which distribute information on emerging threats, new methods of attack and other events, enabling proactive identification of attacks and methods used to compromise systems before they can have more serious consequences.

Training is essential in this context. To perform cybersecurity exercises, Leonardo has integrated virtualisation, emulation and simulation systems to create flexible, dynamic environments to reproduce complex, extensive networks. These environments may be used as a test-bed to study products, software and protocols.

Leonardo studies and develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and applications with a focus on physical and cybersecurity, using High Performance Computing functions and AI applied to cyber threat detection to react effectively even when information is scarce.

The Leonardo Lab tasked with developing cyber skills across all business areas is: