Leonardo rewards excellence in its supply chain with the “Leonardo Supplier Awards”

02 December 2021

The first Leonardo Supplier Awards were held today, 2 December 2021, on the final day of the 8th Aerospace & Defence Meetings in Turin. The aim of these Leonardo awards is to commend those key suppliers who stand out for their commitment to excellence, their spirit of collaboration and the results achieved. 

The awards are a further element of the new supply chain management and optimisation model, implemented by means of the Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnership (LEAP) programme, through which the Company is driving and accelerating the growth of Italy’s SMEs. 

The Leonardo Supplier Awards were introduced by Giacinto Carullo, Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer of LEONARDO, who, alongside Paolo Rostirolla, VP for Supplier Sustainability & Development, LEONARDO, Fabio Poletto, VP for Procurement, LEONARDO Aircraft Division, and Alessandro Vetrano, SVP for Procurement & Supply Chain, LEONARDO Aerostructures Division, presented the company’s roadmap towards a new concept of excellence in its supply chain. Excellence that, in Leonardo's vision, is indissolubly linked with consolidated parameters such as performance and quality, but also with aspects such as digital integration and sustainability, with a view to accelerating product and process innovation and the introduction of new technologies in the value chain. The company is a sector leader that offers very important business opportunities for highly qualified players while demanding, now more than ever, that the industry make a further leap in quality in terms of its strength, capabilities and competitiveness.   

Sustainability is an integral part of the strategies and values of Leonardo: the group recently confirmed, for the twelfth year in a row, compliance with the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) - stock market indicators including best-in-class companies in the area of sustainability on a global level - earning the highest score in the Aerospace & Defence sector. 

For the Italian supply chain, the Leonardo Supplier Awards focus particularly on SMEs, which form the backbone of Italy’s industrial fabric and on which Leonardo concentrates many of its growth initiatives, given their particularly strong commitment to pursuing the challenge of qualitative and dimensional growth.

Twenty Leonardo Supplier Awards 2021 were delivered today to Italian suppliers who obtained the highest rankings in the following two categories:

  • Performance Excellence Award for Operational Excellence and Service Excellence: punctuality, quality, spirit of collaboration and commitment to excellence. The awards for Operational Excellence went to: APR, Curti - Costruzione Meccaniche, L.G.M., Logic, Officine Meccaniche Irpine. The awards for Service Excellence, instead, went to: Interconsulting Engineering, SSE - Sofiter System Engineering, Sistematica, T.P.S., TXT E-Solutions
  • Sustainability Award: results achieved and commitment to sustainable development. The 10 winners are: AizoOn Consulting; Curti - Costruzione Meccaniche; GAROFOLI; L.M.A.; Manta Group; Marini Impianti Industriali; MW.FEP; PRIVATE ENGINEERING COMPANY; T&G - Technology & Groupware; T.P.S.

LEONARDO’s Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer Giacinto Carullo commented: “The Leonardo Supplier Awards are a key element in the company’s relationship with its supply chain, ideally representing the level of excellence that the challenges of the current scenario and the future demand of us and our partners. The suppliers we are rewarding here today have come up with an outstanding response to our expectations, sharing with us the commitment to building an increasingly competitive, innovative, sustainable industrial ecosystem.”