Leonardo’s vision of cyber resilience in the new issue of POLARIS Innovation Journal

27 May 2024

Issue no. 50 of "POLARIS Innovation Journal" – now available online – is dedicated to Leonardo’s latest technologies in the cybersecurity sector. To defend the digital networks that guarantee the correct functioning of infrastructures and services, in our living and working spaces, it is necessary first to predict and prevent, implementing cyber resilience strategies and adopting a cyber secure-by-design approach in the creation of any product or system.

The unprecedented digitalisation of recent years has led to an exponential increase in the amount of data exchanged but has also widened the scope of exposure to cyber security attacks, which have become more intense, frequent, and insidious, evolving at a faster speed than of the countermeasures that can be adopted.

For this reason, in addition to traditional protection systems from cyber threats, it was necessary to develop an approach based on Cyber Resilience, i.e., the prevention and reaction capacity that allows us to resist attacks while maintaining essential operational levels. It consists of designing in such a way as to adapt to adverse conditions, such as attacks or compromises of IT resources, and aiming for the rapid recovery of the attacked systems, to re-establish functionality and return to full activity in the shortest possible time, having suffered only limited, temporary and reversible damage.

Issue 50 of “POLARIS Innovation Journal” is dedicated to Leonardo's vision in the Cyber Resilience field. The articles illustrate the solutions designed by Leonardo to improve threat prevention, the Cyber Resilience methodologies, and the cyber secure-by-design approach which makes the reliability of the systems intrinsic right from the design and development phase.

The new issue of the “POLARIS Innovation Journal” also provides an overview of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, digital twin, which will make this general picture even more challenging, enabling new threats but also making new counteracting capabilities available.


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