Forum PA 2021 to safely connect Italy’s vital energies

21 June 2021

Two senior leaders from Leonardo will be participating in Forum PA 2021, Italy’s most important event dedicated to innovation for the Public Administration. The digital conference takes place from 21-25 June and is entitled Connecting the country’s vital energies. It will focus on creating and strengthening connections between all the stakeholders operating in central and local administrations, in technology companies and in the regions affected by the missions and objectives outlined in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). Particular attention will be given to the issues of the Italian government’s sustainable development and digital transition strategy.

On Tuesday 22 June, during the plenary session entitled The country’s digital transformation, Fabio Renzi, Head of PA, Defence and International Institutions of Leonardo's Cyber Security division, will discuss the digital transition of the PA and the role of the national and local innovation system. The session will be introduced by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao.

In the subsequent session Fabio Renzi will discuss issues related to innovation and competitiveness of the production system.

On June 24, Claudio Rando, Cyber Security Division - Public Administration, Defence & International Agencies Line of Business VP Head of Sales of Leonardo, will speak in the session dedicated to Cyber security in public institutions for the resilience of the country. The topic of cyber security for the protection of the Public Administration and Critical Infrastructures will be analysed, including reference to the actions detailed in the PNRR. The evolving scenario of cyber threats will also be analysed and aspects and obstacles to be overcome in preventing and responding to such threats will be explored.

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