Leonardo Aircraft - Synergies to Innovate: take part in the webinar

09 December 2020

On Thursday, 10 December 2020, at 5:30 pm, Leonardo will be holding a webinar, in collaboration with Talent Garden (TaG), entitled “Leonardo Aircraft - Synergies to Innovate”.

Aerospace, a leading sector in terms of development and applications of technology, intercepts innovations from diversified industrial sectors to support a synergistic approach and push the limits of its products towards increasingly efficient and safe solutions.
Leonardo’s Aircraft Division has recently set up a unit dedicated to innovation, focused on scouting and incubating enabling solutions capable of supporting major technological revolutions in the application of artificial intelligence, electrification, digitisation and advanced materials.

The webinar will be attended by Salvatore Grimaldi, Innovation Manager of Leonardo’s Aircraft Division, tasked with promoting a culture of innovation within the company and with identifying and developing innovative, low TRL technologies and solutions, also with the potential to be disruptive. 

To participate in the webinar, which will be in Italian only, register at the following link.